Your questions about water filters

William asks…

water filters?

We have replaced 5 hot water heaters in the last 8 yrs. due to corrosion from the inside. Is there a water filter that will correct this problem?

Kat answers:

I would call a Manufacture of Water Filters, such as American Plumber Water Filter Company and let them recommend a filter for your application. Go right to the experts.
Also I would call the manufacture of the Water Heater and explain the problem. They my recommend a different anode rod for your heater. This may help prolong the life of the heater.

Mary asks…

Water Filters?

Do water filters like brita work well. I just moved to DC from Michigan and the water is making me sick:(

Kat answers:

Brita filters do not work well. I recommend Multi-Pure water filter. Multi-Pure uses the best carbon block filters that remove Reduces a wide range of contaminants including Cysts, Lead, PCBs, MTBE, Mercury, Asbestos, Chlorine, Chloramine, VOCs and many more other contaminants of health concern.

Good luck.

Ken asks…

Water filters?

We got a those machine that filters the water that the company brings every now and then. Someone told me that i shouldn’t be spending extra money on the water that the company are bringing. My friend suggested me to just fill up the used bottles and place it back to the filter machine. I also live in a area where i wouldn’t just drink out of the tap.

Is there anything i should watch out?

Kat answers:

Why not get a Multi-Pure under the sink water filter. Using a Multi-Pure water filter will reduce the most contaminants and you should be able to use your own tap water. The jugs you may be using could contain carcinogens that can leach into your water. Home filtered water is really the best way to go. Look here on my site for some great deals!

George asks…

Do I install a water softener before or after my water filters?

I’m installing a water softener on the side of my house, out there I already have 4 small filters and one large carbon filter. Do I install the softener before or after these filters?

Kat answers:

Yes, install the water softener first and then the carbon filters.

James asks…

Why do you soak water filters before you use them?

They say that you have to soak water filters for 15 minutes before you can use them.

Kat answers:

This allows the material to absorb liquid to “prime” it before the water pressure hits them.

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