World Water Day Pure Foundation

Hey! Its World Water Day! Multipure supports many water causes. The Pure Foundation is a one stop shop for Water education. Come and celebrate with us!

Pure Foundation

Conceived by Multipure’s Executive Vice President of Administration, Jennifer Rice, the Pure Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to education, assistance, and health improvement. Through Multipure, and the Pure Foundation, she hopes to make a positive difference, and create a healthier world for the future.

Family Education

As a mother of two young children, balancing work and family life, Jennifer Rice knows the importance of drinking water, especially when it’s impossible to constantly monitor the family’s water usage. Through Multipure, she already provides better health for her family through better, cleaner water. Through the Pure Foundation, she hopes to provide that same knowledge to families everywhere, so that they can gain the benefits of cleaner, more healthful water, as well.

For families, especially those with young children, it is especially important to spread knowledge about drinking water. Children, especially very active children, require plenty of water to stay hydrated, and should generally drink water before, during, and after periods of physical activity, whether it’s competitive sports or playing with friends. Because children are still developing, their bodies may be more susceptible to biological and chemical contaminants in drinking water – contaminants that can affect learning, motor skills, and hormone development during important stages of growth*.  With the education provided by the Pure Foundation, Multipure can help ensure that future generations have the knowledge and the means to drink cleaner, more healthful water, for better, healthier lives.

Teachers and Students – Looking for a Field Trip Idea?

If you would be interested in learning about water contamination and water filtration – the science of the issue and the technology involved in reducing contamination – then contact us about a Multipure Field Trip Opportunity. We’ll give you a tour of Multipure and help you understand the importance of cleaner water for a healthier life. You’ll learn about the things that can affect the taste, appearance, and healthfulness of water, the role carbon plays in making water more healthful, and what you can do to improve your water and improve the environment.

For additional information, please contact VIP Distributor Relations and Corporate Trainer, Jason Dunlap by phone at 800.622.9206 or by email.

Disaster Relief

When natural disasters strike – hurricanes, earthquakes, or tornadoes – often one of the most crucial requirements for survivors is a source of clean water. The debris and destruction present in the wake of a catastrophe contaminates water supplies and ruins the infrastructure necessary for proper drinking water.

To help mitigate the devastation and toll caused by natural disasters, Multipure President, Zachary Rice, through the Pure Foundation, provides the company’s technical knowledge and expertise to help disaster-stricken areas obtain cleaner, safer sources of drinking water. By providing the knowledge and assistance to help ensure the availability of safe drinking water, Zachary Rice hopes to alleviate some of the hardship and disease caused by natural disasters.

*According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

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