Whole House Water Filters – Remove the Contaminants Before You Drink Them

Whole house water filters have taken center stage as concerns over the purity of municipal water supplies rise. If you want to ensure that the water your family uses on a daily basis for drinking, washing and cooking is as healthy as possible, then whole house filters are definitely the way to go. Nothing provides more thorough and effective coverage, no matter the size of the home or the specific contamination concerns.

The reasons for filtering water are obvious, but what makes whole house units so important? The answer is simple…the average house has dozens of water outlets and nothing else covers them all. While most filters can provide elimination of contaminants such as lead, chlorine and VOCs (volatile organic chemicals), only a whole house water filter can ensure purification from every faucet and shower head in the home.

The need to cover all the water outlets in your home is crucial. Most of us realize how important it is to purify the water we drink and cook with, but the fact is that most of the contaminants we are exposed to on a regular basis are absorbed through the skin and hair or breathed directly into the lungs while showering. Only whole house water filters can provide coverage for showers as well as faucets.

There is a broad range of filter systems available for the home. A whole house water filter can do everything from remove chlorine to balance ph levels to assure that water is pure and healthy. Reducing contaminants in the water supply can help to prevent respiratory ailments such as asthma and bronchitis, and even lower cancer risk.

Since buying a filter system for your home is such an important decision, you’ll want to go about it carefully. Pay attention to the manufacturer’s specifications on various whole house water filters so you know exactly what you’re getting. Generally, a multi-step system will ensure maximum elimination of contaminants and provide the most healthful water.

Not only do you want water that is safe to clean and cook with, you also want water that tastes good. Not every whole house water filter is created equal, so be sure to check all the specifications for each model. Charcoal enhances taste and clarity, so choosing a system which uses charcoal at some point in the filtering process is important if you’re concerned about the taste of your water.

While there are effective models which attach at the point of use, generally a point of entry system will provide maximum coverage at minimum cost. Whole house water filters which attach at a home’s main water source (point of entry) allow you to address all of the outlets in your home with one product, lowering overhead costs.

Having clean, pure water for daily use is essential to maintaining your family’s health. With the variety of water filtration systems available today, that is an easily attainable goal. Just take a few minutes to educate yourself about the choices available and you’ll be able to find the product which best fits your needs. A clean home is a happy home, and cleaning house begins with purifying your water supply.

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