What the Frack Is The EPA Doing?

As I read a post about the EPA has halted investigations from the citizens they are supposed to protect, I really feel angry. I want to know why we are letting this happen?

The agency (EPA) refused to answer questions about the decision, instead issuing a statement by email that said resolving the Range Resources matter allowed the EPA to shift its “focus in this case away from litigation and toward a joint effort on the science and safety of energy extraction.”

What the heck does that even mean? Really! We are loosing access to safe drinking water. All the money in the world cannot clean up the mess we are allowing to be made of our safe drinking water.

While big oil and politicians argue about how harmful or not hydraulic fracturing, big oil is allowed to continue drilling and contaminating all over the place. The charges, claims and scientific proof are there, right in front of their eyes! This is serious people! There may be things causing irreversible damage to our safe drinking water.  They very well could be putting crap in our water that we cannot filter out. Then what?

Seriously, then what? No matter what your income scale, you will surly die along with everything else. Why can they not STOP the drilling until they get this sorted out? Stop funding it. Let the EPA do their job. Protect the environment.

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