Water Coolers: Prepare For The Summer


This article identifies how homeowners can prepare for potential droughts during the summer months through investing in bottled water coolers.

At the moment, the weather outside is still bleak and people across the UK will not be looking to prepare for the summer, but once it’s here, they very may wish they had; most will say hindsight’s a wonderful thing. This article is to help people look forward and it’s not only for the next summer, but the one after that, the one after that and so on. This way homeowners could always be prepared for when there is or potential drought scare.

Most summers, there is some kind of ban in terms of how we use water; hosepipes, in particular, so the threat is always there, we just tend to not do much about it in terms of prevention and taking a proactive action rather than reactive.


The climate has especially been unpredictable for the last 10 years or so. Bearing this in mind, it can be very difficult to know whether or not were in for a long, dry summer or if we’re going to get a few days of the sun then rain spells etc.

As weather patterns become increasingly difficult to predict, homeowners can at least ensure that they have a supply of clean, fresh and filtered water as and when they need it. A drought would leave many homeowners having to use stand pipes on the end of their street, which is extremely inconvenient and the water quality will be OK for human consumption, but it’s certainly not ideal. Additionally there could be a ration as to how much water is allowed per day, per house hold to ensure the stand pipes don’t run out of water.

Appropriate Water Coolers

In the case of a drought, bottled water coolers are the only way in which you can be sure to have a supply of clean, pure water. Mains fed water coolers will obviously not be appropriate as they are attached to the mains water supply within a home.

The only disadvantage to investing in a bottled water cooler in case of a drought is that homeowners need a place to store the big water bottles. This could be a problem for some; however, a drought within the UK is not expected to last more than a week. Africa on the other hand is another story all together.

A great advantage of bottled water coolers is that they are portable as they are not attached to kitchen tops etc.

On the whole, bottled water coolers provide a healthier alternative to tap water, so even if there isn’t a drought, the water you drink will be much fresher and cleaner.

Homeowners Can Cut Down on Water Bills

The initial investment of purchasing a water cooler can be quite expensive, but for those who can afford to purchase a water cooler, should. Bottled water coolers pay for themselves within a few years as water bills are significantly reduced through. Obviously, you can’t use the water from bottled water coolers for everything, but can for most things; drinking, filling kettles, cars when they require water and so on.

Help to Cut Down on Water Waste

It’s much easier to see exactly how much water is being used when using a bottled water cooler than it is to look at how much water you’re using from the tap on a daily basis. This way, wastage can be cut down quite a lot, for example, brushing teeth and leaving the tap on is just one way that many of us waste water and inevitably, money.

George, the author of this article has worked in the water cooler industry for several years and has specialised knowledge in the field.


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