Use Your Water Filter in a Power Outage

Use your water filter during a power outage.

Power Outage. Today, there are over a million people without power across the US, with record high temperatures in these same areas. Many areas may be running short on water supplies. Multipure home drinking water system owners have an advantage.

Power outages can happen anytime of year. This week, there have been many bad storms that are taking out homes, trees, and power. There are fires happening that are also interrupting power for consumers. If your power goes out, could you still use your current water filter? If you own a Multipure, yes you can.

A Multipure home water filter can be use during a power outage. With the purchase of an Emergency Hand pump, any Multipure Home Water Filtration system can be used to filter water that is deemed safe from bacterial contamination may be manually pumped through a Multipure Drinking Water System with a hand pump. before drinking it.

In short, get a Multipure drinking water system and add an Emergency Hand Pump to your survival kit. The Emergency Hand Pump can be purchased here.

Be safe and pray the lights come back on soon! And remember, Multipure is here for you.



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