Understanding The Different Types Of Shower Head

More and more people are choosing to shower rather than bathe. There are a number of reasons for this and these range from the money that can be saved from using a shower to the invigorating experience they offer. Regardless of the reason, it’s important to choose a shower head that fits your needs. Shower heads come in a number sizes, offering different types of water spray at alternating strengths.
Although shower heads are available to buy in different designs and styles, there are some features buyers should specifically look for. Buying a model with these features will guarantee the shower head’s performance and quality.

Types of Shower Head

People today have a large selection to choose from, but before starting a search buyers should first identify if their shower is compatible with handheld or fixed heads.
Handheld shower heads are attached to an adjustable wall rail, and users can change the height setting to suit them. These models have multiple benefits, and the main advantage of using a handheld model is the head is detachable from the rail, and can be used for precision cleaning.
Fixed shower heads are screwed into the wall or ceiling, and although this can be done by homeowners it’s often a good idea to pay for installation. Due to the pipework being kept in the wall, buyers will find fixed shower heads considerably more difficult to attach than their handheld counterparts.
However, fixed shower heads generally have a better spray power to water consumption ratio.

Key Shower Head Features

Buyers are advised to search for shower heads that offer low consumption. More people are searching for models that include this feature, as it is beneficial to both the environment and the homeowner. Shower heads that utilise low consumption waste much less water than regular heads, and they can save money in reduced energy and water fees.
It’s also a good idea to look for shower heads that have a chrome finish, as this prevents limescale from building up and keeps the head clean and shiny. Buyers should note that this will not keep the head free from dirt, and should clean the head on a regular basis. There a number of manufactures that sell models with these features, and Agua Flux sell low consumption chrome shower heads at very reasonable prices.  


Shower Head Styles

Traditional shower heads can be bought as single and multifunction. A single function head will have one spray setting, and this type is common in showers with a fixed head attachment. Models with multifunctional settings have adjustable heads that allow the user to change spray type and intensity. Multifunctional shower heads are usually found on handheld models but can be bought for use with fixed heads. 
Rain drop shower heads are designed to recreate the experience of rain falling, and typically have wide heads offering a greater water dispersal. Because of this rain drop heads are more suitable for use in wet rooms as opposed to enclosed showers, and buyers will find that a ceiling hanging model will recreate the effect of rain water to greater accuracy. 
Oversized shower heads are generally between five and fourteen inches in diameter, and although they resemble rain drop heads, oversized models typically have similar features to those found in traditional heads.

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