There is a Global Water Crisis

There truly is a water crisis, in our entire world. Water is not only essential to human life, but Global life totally depends on water to survive. For years we have heard that we should conserve and protect the worlds fresh water supply and still we waste and pollute it at alarming rates.

The Blue Planet Network has listed some facts about the Global Water Crisis. It may open your eyes, it may not. Facts are facts. Really, read it…its not that long! Just in case you don’t go read it, here are a couple important parts:

One-in-six people in the world lack safe drinking water.
Water-related illnesses are the leading cause of human sickness and death.

Half of the world’s hospital beds are filled with people suffering from water related illnesses.

• The average person in the developing world uses 2.64 gallons of water a day. The average person in the United Kingdom uses 35.66 gallons of water per day. The average person in the United States uses between 100 and 175 gallons every day at home.

• It is estimated that 5.3 billion people, two-thirds of the world’s population, will suffer from water shortages by 2025.

These jumped out at me for whatever reason. There are more! Read it all here

The US average water usage per person is shocking! Why do we use so much water compared to other countries? Is it necessary to use so much? I honestly think we all could and should., do a lot more to address our Global Water Crisis.

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