The Today Show on Water Filters

The Today Show and Good Housekeeping

The Today Show and Good Housekeeping have chimed in on water quality and reviewed some of the most popular counter, or water filter pitchers. It is very important to note that what public water is tested for, may not be all that is in your water. There are more and more pollutants found everywhere.

Is Your Tap Water Safe?

Hormones, drugs, even pesticides could be flowing from your faucet. No one can say for sure, because the government doesn’t require testing for them. But in groundbreaking research, Good Housekeeping found ordinary water pitchers and refrigerator filters that can get rid of these scary chemicals



Home water filtration systems are becoming the new normal. We do not trust that the officials will keep contaminants out of our safe drinking water supply. Multi-Pure is following the lead and our researchers are finding ways to remove contaminants from our drinking water, right in our own homes, and while we are away.

Multi-Pure has counter top, under sink, in-line, and personal use water filters for any water filtration need. Let’s take back our tap, stop purchasing bottled water that just uses up valuable resources. If you pay for your tap water, should you not drink it?

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