Spreading the love with baked goods on Valentine's Day

Guest post written by Mimi Davidson

Well, one thing is sure on Valentine’s Day. No matter if you’re single or taken, just about no one is going to turn you down for a baked good or two. It’s just always that way from what I’ve found, or at least with the people that are in my office. Several of us always end up making baked goods because of that and this year I thought that there was no use in breaking tradition.

However, I thought that it sure wouldn’t hurt to try and find a new recipe to fix because I was sick of fixing some of my old favorites. Any time I’m researching for a new recipe I just use the internet and when I was doing that, I saw the site http://www.debtsettlementfamily.com/. My family and I have been in some financial issues lately and I want to do something about it, so I’m going to look more into that site to get some help with it.

Out of all the dessert recipes that I found online, I thought that these cake pops just sounded so delicious, so I decided to make some of those, plus I won’t have to worry about tracking down plates for them, either!

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