Author: Joseph Sandoval

Now that we have two kids, we have had to change our spending habits. Before we had kids, we were able to spend on things we wanted, but now we have to be careful not to go over budget. Childcare has taken a big bite out of our salaries, so we have to look for places we can cut back. We are stretched to the limit right now, and that is not a good feeling. I want to be able to start saving, and with the way we’ve been spending that will never happen. I started by looking into cable tv deals to see if we could lower our monthly bill. Then I decided that I would start clipping coupons so we could save on groceries. That was pretty easy since our kids will eat anything. I just started buying food that was on sale or had a coupon available. We also decided that we are going to eat out less, because that is another place we spend a lot of money. I think that we can make progress if we are more conscious of what we do.

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