Put More Thought Into Your Office Water Cooler

Most offices today are using water coolers. They are a fixture in quite a few homes as well. The dispensers have a number of advantages when compared with other options, such as plastic bottles of water. If you are still on the fence about buying one of these coolers for the office or your house, it’s time to look at the benefits and see how they could make your space a better place. We’ll look at some of the best reasons to make the change, as well as whether you should buy or rent one of the units.

What Makes Water Coolers a Good Choice?

The water is clean, fresh, and hygienic. It has a great taste that you and others in your family or office will love. Many do not like drinking tap water because they do not like the taste. Choosing the highest quality dispenser keeps your water nice and clean too. Employees at the office or family at home will appreciate this.

Another one of the huge benefits is that you are able to remove all of those plastic bottles from the environment. Imagine just how many bottles you put out into the recycling bin each year. Now, multiply that number by all of the people in your family and your employees. When you have a great dispenser for water, you eliminate all of those bottles that would need recycling or that might even end up in the trash. This is a nice and green way to live.

The best quality systems and companies will be able to deliver everything for you and they can even set it up. Everything is ready to go. Some of the units on the market have filters in them and will hook up to the main water line, rather than having removable water bottles. This means you never have to change out one of those large water bottles, and that is one of the main draws to this type of unit. However, the old style water coolers with the large bottles of water placed into the top of the unit, are still popular as well.

An office water cooler is more cost efficient than buying individual bottles of water for the employees. You will find similar savings, albeit on a smaller scale, for home units. This is true of the traditional water coolers as well as the new filter coolers that are gaining popularity.

Should You Buy or Rent?

You might choose to rent or you might buy depending on the options your company of choice gives you. Both have their benefits. When you choose to buy one of the water coolers, you will own it outright. This is a great solution for those who have the money. They can then take out a service contract on a monthly basis for maintenance or water delivery if needed.

When you rent the unit, the company will service it when needed and replace it if there is a problem. For those units that have filters the company will replace those as well. In the case of the older types of water coolers that have the water bottles, companies will come and replace the empty bottles so you always have water. However, the units that hook up to the main water line and have a filter are a much better option when you consider the overall costs. Still, you may prefer the older coolers. Look at all of the different choices you have in your area and choose the one that’s right for your needs.

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