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Water is an integral part of our lives. We cook with it, clean with it, bathe in it and – most importantly – drink it. That’s why enhancing the quality of your water can enhance the quality of your life. Multipure believes that one of the most effective ways to improve your health and the health of your family is to improve the quality of your drinking water. By using our industry-leading solid carbon block filters, we provide a way to reduce contaminants that affect the taste, appearance, and quality of drinking water.

A common misconception is that tap water treated by your municipality has already been filtered and therefore doesn’t have any room to improve. On the contrary, tap water typically has plenty of room for improvement. If you want you, your family and your pets to drink water that is healthful and meets the highest standards of quality, it’s time to consider putting your water through additional filtration.

Many people who are rightly concerned about the quality of their tap water choose to purchase cases of bottled water rather than drink the water out of their faucet. This leads to a great deal of plastic waste, however. By providing a means to improve available drinking water at an affordable cost, Multipure is doing its part to reduce the waste inherent in disposable bottled water and lessen its environmental impact. For over 40 years, Multipure has been a green company, promoting eco-friendly solutions to everyday issues. Through innovation and responsibility, Multipure will continue to promote the health and wellness of the planet and its people.

Through our Multipure Business Opportunity, we also help entrepreneurs who are passionate about water quality and a more sustainable future to achieve personal success as a Multipure representative.

How Our Products Help Water Quality Issues

Multipure offers a range of water filtration products that provide solutions to the water quality issues that plague Americans and people all over the world. Some people may have to treat their water to meet basic standards for safe consumption, while others may be interested in improving the aesthetic of their water so that it smells and tastes more pleasant.

The Center for Disease Control points out that, while the U.S. enjoys an exceptionally safe water system compared to most other parts of the world, there are several ways water can become contaminated. These sources of contamination include:

If you get your water from a well, then there are many potential sources of contamination to be aware of, including agricultural, commercial, industrial, and residential sources. Anything that negatively affects the groundwater can make your well water unsafe to drink. The only way to be sure your water is safe is to treat it with a a reliable filter.

No matter where your water comes from, Multipure’s carbon water filter systems can give you the solution you need to make sure your water is safe, healthy, clean, and clear. Our goal at Multipure is to improve the world, one glass of water at a time, one person at a time.

Sewage leaks

Chemicals and minerals that occur naturally, such as arsenic

Fertilizer, pesticides, or herbicides used in farms, gardens, and yards

Manufacturing processes that include contaminants like cyanide or heavy metals

Wastewater treatment system malfunctions

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Our powerful and effective Drinking Water Systems include the Aquamini, Aquaversa, Aquaperform, and Aqualuxe. Using proprietary solid carbon block water filter technology developed and refined by Multipure since the 1970s, these systems reduce unwanted chemicals, contaminants, and chlorine out of your drinking water, leaving only cleaner, safer, healthier water.

Better yet, Multipure’s drinking water systems offer a more affordable and environmentally-friendly alternative to expensive and bulky disposable bottled water. And their kitchen sink convenience allows you the versatility to use the best water not just for drinking, but for washing and cooking food, as well. Once you’ve tried a superior Multipure drinking water system, you’ll never need to consider another drinking water filtration solution again.

  • Aqualuxe The Aqualuxe is Multipure’s top-of-the-line drinking water system that does not just filter water – it purifies it. That means it builds on the foundation of our trusted solid carbon block filter and adds another layer of filtration that targets bacteria, viruses, and cysts that can make their way into water. The Aqualuxe accomplishes this unprecedented level of contamination reduction through our impressive PureBlock solid carbon block filter. The Aqualuxe embraces a contemporary edge, both in its sophisticated appearance and its capabilities. The Aqualuxe is even Wi-Fi enabled, making it the modern piece of filtration technology your kitchen needs. You can install the Aqualuxe on your countertop or under your sink.Learn MorePurchase
  • Aquaperform One of our most comprehensive drinking water systems, the Aquaperform uses our solid carbon block filter to minimize contaminants that affect the healthfulness of water, as well as its smell and taste. In addition to filtering the major contaminants that all of our systems reduce, the Aquaperform is also able to filter Arsenic V, a dangerous toxin that can seep into groundwater. This stainless-steel filter offers great versatility, with below-the-sink and countertop options. If Arsenic V is a concern, then the Aquaperform is an excellent drinking water system that will deliver the superior level of filtration you need. Learn MorePurchase
  • Aquaversa The Aquaversa is one of our best-sellers at Multipure. The Aquaversa uses the powerful solid carbon block filter that makes all of our filtration systems effective to turn your tap water into better-tasting, better-smelling, and more healthful water. The Aquaversa sports a sleek, stainless steel finish and is available in a range of configurations, making it a very versatile option. The countertop configuration offers either a single- or double-hose diverter valve to connect to your existing faucet. Alternatively, the below-the-sink option connects to a dedicated filtered water faucet. Whatever location is best for you, the Aquaversa can accommodate it.Learn MorePurchase
  • Aquamini The smallest and most portable of the Multipure drinking water systems is the Aquamini. This stainless-steel, compact system uses Multipure’s industry-leading solid carbon block filter to leave you with water that is better smelling, better tasting, and, most importantly, better for your health. The Aquamini system has a filter capacity of 250 gallons and is equipped with a dual-hose and diverter valve so you can select whether you want to dispense unfiltered or filtered water. Despite the Aquamini’s impressive filtering power, it is small enough that it can easily fit into a suitcase or backpack. That means you can enjoy safer, healthier water no matter where you are. If you’re looking for a filter that is portable and affordable, the Aquamini is the perfect choice.Learn MorePurchase

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Cleaner, healthier water should not be limited to just your kitchen sink. After all, you use water for so much more than filling up a glass to drink. Since you use water for so much more, you need other means of filtering water so that you can enhance the water you use for ongoing activities like showering, bathing, or watering your lawn and garden. Multipure’s Home Essentials line offers solutions to complete your home’s water filtration needs.

  • Aquasource Multipure offers a dedicated water filtration option for your entire home with the Aquasource whole house system. This system installs near your water heater to provide cleaner, chlorine-free water at every water outlet throughout the house. This means the water you drink, bathe in, wash with, and more is all treated at the source. The Aquasource is a powerful complement to our more comprehensive drinking water systems by treating chlorine, chloramine, and/or limescale throughout the home’s plumbing. Depending on your filtration needs, you can select from several different system options, including a chlorine system, a chlorine system with limescale reduction, a chloramine system, and a chloramine system with limescale reduction. Enjoy better quality water throughout your whole home with the Aquasource from Multipure.Learn MorePurchase
  • Aquashower Most people enjoy the cleansing power of a shower, but is your shower as clean as it should be? Multipure’s Aquashower dechlorinator attaches to your showerhead to remove at least 90% of free chlorine before the water ever touches your body. Showering in dechlorinated water will make every shower more refreshing and leave your skin feeling and looking younger, your hair feeling softer and easier to style, your scalp and skin feeling more hydrated, and your color-treated hair appearing more vibrant. You can install the Aquashower in a matter of minutes without the need for professional tools, so clear, dechlorinated water is within easy reach. Learn MorePurchase
  • Aquasplash If you, your children, or your pets enjoy a good bath, then you should consider Multipure’s Aquasplash. The Aquasplash bath dechlorinator offers an effective solution for treating chlorine in your bathwater: simply toss the spherical Aquasplash filter into the bathwater and swirl it around for a few minutes, then enjoy a cleaner, chlorine-free bath. As the Aquasplash moves through the water, its filter media reduces the presence of chlorine, allowing you and your loved ones to enjoy water that suds and lathers better, while also promoting healthier skin and hair. Soaking in a bath doesn’t have to mean soaking in chlorine when you have the Aquasplash bath dechlorinator.Learn MorePurchase
  • Aquagrow It isn’t only people and pets that can be affected by chlorine in water. Just as people and pets need quality water to thrive, so do plants. High-quality water can help soil maintain a healthy nutrient balance that is beneficial for plant life. The Aquagrow garden dechlorinator attaches to your garden hose to treat the water you use for your lawn, your garden, and any other plants around your home. The Aquagrow removes more than 85% of chlorine from your water, which promotes better nutrition for your plants. It can also increase the effectiveness of non-chemical pest control methods. If you want to dechlorinate your water for a healthier garden and lawn, the Aquagrow is the easy and effective solution you need.Learn MorePurchase

Benefits of Solid Carbon Block Filters

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Throughout human history, people have devised a variety of ways to filter water. Performance and innovation are the hallmarks of Multipure’s industry-leading water filters. The culmination of over 45 years of experience in solid carbon block development, Multipure filter cartridges treat the broadest array of contaminants on the market, tested and verified by NSF International.

The solid carbon block filters that Multipure use to enhance water quality have some unique benefits that set them apart from other types of filters. The main advantages of carbon block filters are that they use a few different processes to remove a wide range of contaminants such as chemicals and heavy metals.

More specifically, carbon block filters can treat more than 65 different types of contaminants from water, including:

PCBs, in particular, are more difficult to remove, making solid carbon block filters one of the few types that can tackle this group of contaminants.

Beyond solid carbon block filters’ ability to remove such a wide range of contaminants from water, carbon block filters offer some other special advantages, as well:

How Solid Carbon Block Filters Work

Let’s take a moment to look at the science behind Multipure’s solid carbon block filters. In the early 1970s, Multipure developed the solid carbon block filtration technology, and we still rely on carbon block filters to remove contaminants from water today. Solid carbon block filters are known to be the most effective type of filter for minimizing various contaminants that can get into water, but how do they work?

Solid carbon block filters use three different processes of reducing contaminants to make one extremely versatile device. These processes include:

Granular activated carbon (GAC) filters also use carbon, but solid carbon block filters are more densely compacted, which enhances the kinetics and performance of the filter. The large surface area on a solid carbon block filter allows it to adsorb a high volume of contaminants such as chemicals and heavy metals.

Multipure maintains a high level of quality control in the materials we use and in the way our filters are composed. For example, we make sure the pores on the carbon block are all uniform. Though this may seem like a small detail, it makes the filter work more effectively and last longer since it prevents water from seeking the path of least resistance and flowing primarily through larger pores on the surface of the filter.





Disinfection by-products (DBPs)

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)

Methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE)

The process does not significantly affect the water’s pH, unlike reverse osmosis.

The process involves high contact time that allows for more thorough filtration.

They do not promote bacteria growth on the filter.

They adapt well to a variety of designs which accommodate various applications.

The pore size on the filter can be customized to target certain pollutants and bacteria.

It is an eco-friendly technology; after disposal, it continues to help remove environmental pollutants from its surrounding landfill.

Mechanical Filtration: The carbon block is porous, which is how water can flow through. Because the pores are small, however, impurities that are at least 0.5 microns are trapped inside the filter like a sieve.

Physical Adsorption: The activated carbon surface of the filter attracts contaminants, and the binders that hold the carbon granules together keep the surface clear so it can continuously adsorb pollutants.

Electrokinetic Adsorption: Some carbon block filters are covered in a membrane that water can pass through. As this happens, the membrane becomes positively charged, which allows the filter to attract negative ions that are common to some pollutants.

Multipure Business Opportunity

Becoming A Multipure Ecopreneur Enroll TodayLearn More

If you’re passionate about the environment and bringing the gift of good water to others, then you can come alongside Multipure and help us with our mission by becoming an Independent Builder through the Multipure business opportunity.

You don’t need to be a trained salesperson to recommend products that have improved the quality of your life and have helped you eliminate waste from plastic water bottles. If you want to help your friends, neighbors, family, coworkers, and more to discover the life-enhancing power of better quality water, then you should take action to help make that happen.

Anyone can talk to their friends about Multipure products, but you don’t have to stop there. You can turn your love of our products into a profitable business opportunity. There’s no financial investment to get started. All you need is a shared belief in Multipure’s vision and the drive to succeed. We call our builders Ecopreneurs because they don’t just advocate for our company but for clean water and a more sustainable world.

Who doesn’t want to be a part of helping the world achieve cleaner drinking water, all while enjoying personal business success? When you become an Ecopreneur, you can do just that. Because you can tailor your involvement in the Multipure business opportunity to fit your life, there’s no reason not to consider joining our team of Ecopreneurs and start making a difference today.

How to Promote Your Business with Multipure’s Business Tools

When you become an ecopreneur with Multipure, you’ll want to find ways to promote our products and put forth a professional image. We make it easy for you to do so by offering a wide selection of promotional materials in our Business Store. Multipure’s Builder Business Store has everything you need to take full advantage of Multipure’s business opportunity.

From our all-in-one Booth-in-a-Box to banners, tablecloths, presentation aids, brochures, and forms, the Builder Business Store is an essential resource for both experienced and up-and-coming Multipure ecopreneurs. We even provide you with the visual aid tools you need to teach people about water filtration so they can understand why solid carbon block filters are the best choice for their water filtration needs.

Any entrepreneur knows that you’re never really off-the-clock when it comes to promoting your business. If you want to show off your Multipure pride wherever you go, look through our selection of Multipure-branded merchandise! From bottles and bags to shirts, hats, and jackets, boldly display Multipure’s logo and start conversations to help people learn how to get better water for better health and better lives.

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