New Indiana Fracking Regulations Effective July 1

New Indiana Fracking Regulations Effective July 1

Hydraulic Fracturing is in the public eye a lot lately. There are FaceBook groups, twitter hash tags, and information everywhere spreading the word about the damage that fracking the land causes.

Ask anyone who lives or used to live in an area where this harvesting of natural gas takes place. Fracking is not good for our Planet. At all.

It contaminates water, land, fractures the Earth and is believed to be the cause of certain areas experiencing more earth quakes. Hydraulic is a radical way of retrieving natural gas from shale rock deep in the Earth.

Indiana is surrounded by states that have a lot of fracking wells. Are we in for getting some in our state?

The Journal Gazett reports:

Fracking regulations

Indiana has new rules for hydraulic fracturing that go into effect on July 1. Improving the regulation of fracking – which produces natural gas but also is linked to environmental problems – should be of interest to all Hoosiers.

According to a recently released survey from the University of Texas, 63 percent of Americans don’t know what hydraulic fracturing is. So, it’s highly likely that a good number of Hoosiers won’t be all that fired up about the recent change in state law or the expanded reporting rules from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. But they should be.

The new rules increase the reporting requirements. But it remains to be seen if the new rules go far enough in protecting the public and the environment.

Be sure to read the Q and A in case you do not know what hydraulic fracturing is all about. This is information that Indiana needs. We need to get really fired up and not allow this to happen in our state.

The Indiana DNR also has the information on fracking regulations. See their site for more details here.

It is not too late for any state experiencing the bad effects of shale gas drilling. It really is not too late for Indiana.

Our Planet is literally being blown apart, from the inside out. For what? Cheaper gas? I think we haven’t seen that yet. More jobs? Not seeing that either.

There are conflicting reports about just how much natural gas is even available. These are facts that should be proven, without a doubt, before we destroy our Earth any more.

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