Nestle Teaching About Water in Our Schools?

Really? Nestle, one of the worst bottled water companies is teaching our kids about water? My jaw dropped when I got this message today!


Dear Katrina,

It’s almost time for kids to head back to school. Here’s a pop quiz to get you ready:

True or False:
Students across the U.S. are being taught about water and bottled water from a Nestlé-sponsored water curriculum.

Answer: True. Nestlé sponsors a school curriculum to teach students about water, even though they are a major abuser of our water, bottling it and selling it back to us for a huge profit.

We’re working to counter Nestlé’s message in our public schools, and have created the Take Back the Tap Curriculum to get out the truth about tap water. Check out our Take Back the Tap Curriculum and share it with your friends and family.

The simple decision to stop at the water fountain rather than a vending machine can make a real difference for the earth (and budgets), but students can make a much bigger impact by becoming experts and advocates for their right to clean, safe and low-cost tap water. We’ve created a comprehensive middle school curriculum with multi-disciplinary standards-based lessons to educate young people about their tap water systems and to explore the widespread issues with the bottled water industry.

These lessons will engage young people and mobilize them to take action in their schools and larger communities. We’ve designed the curriculum to be flexible so it can be used in one class, in a single day, or multiple lessons can be spread out over several weeks. Share the curriculum with people in your community!

Even if you don’t have kids in middle school, we’ve built in a lot of fun activities and lessons that can be used for special projects in your community, like World Water Day or Earth Day. Check out the curriculum and share it with people in your community:

Thanks for your continued support,

Emily Wurth
Water Programs Director
Food & Water Watch


We all need to contact local schools to inform them there is another option!

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