Multipure Hot New Colors

Multipure is introducing new designer water filters. These filters are available for a limited time and each purchase contributes to cancer research foundations. This is really the gift that keeps on giving. Fresh, healthy water and help find a cure.


The Multipure Aquaversa Pink is a special edition of the countertop Aquaversa and was commissioned by Multipure’s Pure Foundation. This stainless steel system features the bright pink housing and a custom black angled acrylic base. $100 of each sale is donated to the Susan G. Komen organization for breast cancer research.

The countertop Aquaversa is generally intended for use where below-sink installation restrictions are present (e.g., apartment use or lack of below-sink space), but it can be converted for below sink use with additional parts. Price: $449.95 Click here to order



Multipure’s line of Aquabrites Drinking Water Systems builds off of the Aquamini Compact Travel System to offer a colorful, customizable introduction to cleaner drinking water for children. This stainless steel Aquabrite housing comes in pink and includes a sheet of decals to create a custom face for the system. Commissioned by Multipure’s Pure Foundation, $50 of each sale of an Aquabrite will be donated to the Pure Foundation to help children and the needy obtain cleaner, more healthful water.  Price: $194.95 Click here to order





These designer colors are sure to be a hit in anyone’s kitchen! Mulitpure water filters make the perfect family gift!



jennifer rice multipureAs a mother of two young children, balancing work and family life, Jennifer Rice knows the importance of drinking water, especially when it’s impossible to constantly monitor the family’s water usage. Through Multipure, she already provides better health for her family through better, cleaner water. Through The Pure Foundation, she hopes to provide that same knowledge to families everywhere, so that they can gain the benefits of cleaner, more healthful water, as well.

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