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The Multipure wriggle Portable Filtered Water Bottle lets you drink your water with confidence, because the wriggle’s proprietary portable filter treats many contaminants, turning any regular water into healthful water.

The wriggle Portable Filtered Water Bottle is the next generation reusable water bottle. It provides all the benefits of Multipure’s industry leading water filter, in a sleek, portable container. The wriggle provides clean, healthful drinking water from any municipal water source, wherever you go.

We are waiting on NSF certification..but from what was learned at the Pure convention, it will be certified for chlorine, lindane (pesticide) and atrazine (herbacide). (much more than other filtered water bottles!)

Multipure Vitalic

Multipure Vitalic is a premier vitamin health booster and the perfect complement to filtered water. It is a water vitalizer, designed to turn your water into an energizing, invigorating, empowering glass of liquid health.

Each scoop of Multipure Vitalic is good for one 8 oz. glass of water. For best results, use with filtered water.


With the new Aquagrow Garden Filter, Multipure provides the benefits of cleaner, more healthful water to your yard and garden. By connecting the remarkable Aquagrow inline filter to your existing garden hose, you can provide your lawn, your garden, and any of your outdoor plant life with beneficial dechlorinated water. The Aquagrow provides the water that your plants need to truly thrive.

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