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Cerra Water Pitcher

cerra water pitcherCerra Water directly impacts your body in very important ways. Chemicals that you will find in any regular drinking water, such as chlorine, can actually have negative effects on your body and its metabolic rate. Chlorine can actually cause a bonding with thyroid molecules in the body, resulting in increased weight gain, and possible reduction in energy levels. Filtering these chemicals out of your water before drinking it can be key. The filtration process isn’t that simple, however, since filtering your water to an over-purified state will result in beneficial minerals being removed. An imbalance in the minerals in your water can result in your body being leeched of vital nutrients and minerals, which is also an undesirable effect. The Cerra Water filtration process ensures your water is filtered perfectly, removing chlorine, and adding just the right mix of minerals, providing you with the most ideal drinking water. There is a lot to learn about Cerra water, so we’ve summarized the key points in the tabs above. Antioxidants, alkalization, filtration, absorption, and minerals are key properties to your drinking water. Taste is a result of all of these factors, which we also explain. We pride ourselves on our thorough amount of certifications, and we outline each of our certifications in the certifications tab.

The Cerra Water pitcher is made in Europe, and certified safe in Europe and North America. We are a Canadian business, and we serve the United States, Canada, and world-wide orders as well. Cerra technology can be used anywhere where you have tap water, and doesn’t require any electricity or any sort of power.

The Cerra Water pitcher is a non-electric water ionizer, providing you with safe water. We believe in natural filtration methods. Nature doesn’t electrocute your water, so Cerra doesn’t either. Electric ionizers break apart water molecules through a process of electrolysis; this process is seemingly very unnatural, and results in what is suspected to be damage to the structure of drinking water. It is believed that the way the water is broken apart affects the calcium in your drinking water, causing it to stick to arteries, and ultimately result in serious and life-threatening health risks.

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