Many States Hold Earthquake Drill

WNDU Reports:

You may remember learning about the New Madrid earthquakes in science class.

There were 3 main shocks between December 1811 and February 1812, all with a magnitude of 7.0 or greater, that were felt as far away as the east coast.

There were also thousands of aftershocks, some quite strong themselves.

“all three of these earthquakes affected a very broad area. Of course, chimneys, forest damage, was part of all of this, but the most significant thing that was witnessed during those three earthquakes and reported was a lot of changes in the Mississippi River. Landslides with the banks of the river giving way, islands disappearing, or new ones forming in other locations, liquefaction, resulting in flooding of several towns,” said Walt Gray, Indiana Geological Survey.

There weren’t many people living in the region when the earthquakes happened. The structures that were there were small, and looked a lot more like this log chapel.

But many geologists believe there will be another big earthquake in the New Madrid seismic zone. And with booming populations in big cities like St. Louis and Memphis, plus some complicated infrastructure, a repeat performance could be devastating.

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