Keeping Well Water Safe At Home

Many who live in rural areas have well water. Well water can be the best water you have ever tasted, or the worst tasting and smelling thing you will ever drink. Private wells do not have laws governing the treatment and safety.

Well water may become contaminated with any number of things, from heavy minerals to poisonous pesticides; the water you drink in your rural paradise may not be healthy to drink.

Common Causes Of Well Water Contamination


Microorganisms are the number one cause of private well contamination. The most forms found include viruses and bacteria. Shallow wells are most susceptible to microorganisms. Heavy rains or flooding are common causes of bacteria or even chemicals contaminating the well. Shallow wells should be tested often for excess microorganisms.

Heavy Metals

Heavy metals including arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead and selenium are just a few of the dangerous metals that can contaminate well water. These metals are linked to many chronic and fatal illnesses in humans and animals. Young children and the elderly are most susceptible to the adverse effects of these heavy metals in well water.


Most well water users live in places where farming is prevalent. Modern farming requires the use of fertilizers, nitrates and pesticides. These soak into the ground and will eventually end up in the ground water, which leads to your well. Animal waste from live stalk and even septic tank run off can also contaminate well water. Water contaminated with pesticides and nitrates is harmful to everyone, but is even more so to unborn children, pregnant women and children.

Industrial Waste

While the government has implemented laws to reduce industrial waste contamination from factories is not as high on the list as it once was. Just like other laws, these too are broken and are a cause of well water contamination. Underground storage tanks and pipelines can become damaged and leach poison contaminants into the ground water straight into well water.

There are any number of things that can contaminate well water. Just as there are many things that contaminate public water. Whether your tap water comes from public water supply or a well on your own property, using a high quality home water filtration product is a must. Some contaminants are visible, but most are never seen by the naked eye. Most water contaminants pose health hazards by either drinking or even bathing in it. Solid carbon block water filtration is reputed to reduce the most contaminants than other types of filters.


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