Join Multipure and Become an Ecopreneur

What is an Ecopreneur?

Environmental entrepreneurs, or ecopreneurs, are people that believe that environmental products and services can serve as a synergy of business opportunity and environmental responsibility.

The Multipure Business Opportunity promotes not just entrepreneurship, but ecopreneurship. Multipure allows Independent Distributors to attain financial success by promoting cleaner drinking water; Multipure filters are more environmentally responsible than disposable bottled water, whose plastic bottles can take anywhere from 400 to 1,000 years to biodegrade. Multipure Drinking Water Systems not only provide a way to enjoy water that is cleaner and more healthful than bottled water, but provide a solid carbon block filter that naturally biodegrades and even continues to remove environmental pollutions while in a landfill!

The problem with disposable bottled water:

Individual use of plastic water bottles has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Not only is bottled water much more expensive than tap water, but there is also a serious cost to our planet:

    •  50 million barrels of oil are used annually to manufacture plastic water bottles.1

    •  2 million tons of plastic bottles end up in U.S. landfills each year.2

    •  Bottled water uses fossil fuels in the making, filling, transporting and recycling of plastic water bottles. To learn more about this process, check out “The Story of Bottled Water” at  movies-all/story-of-bottled-water/.

Multipure Independent Distributorship is about improving your life and improving the lives of those around you. Multipure improves physical health by improving the quality of drinking water. Multipure improves financial health by providing the means to develop your own business and forge your own success. Multipure Independent Distributors are able to maintain a more relaxing, financially rewarding lifestyle by sharing with others information about a Product and Opportunity that they believe in and trust.

Distributors can receive immediate and ongoing income, financial freedom, and the opportunity to help others while being your own boss. You also get the support of a company that has been an industry leader for over forty years. Multipure is dedicated to your success, and the betterment of your life.

The Multipure Business Opportunity allows you to make a better future for yourself, for your family, and for the environment. By becoming a Multipure Independent Distributor, you become not just a network marketer or entrepreneur, but an ecopreneur.

Live Opportunity Calls

If you would like to learn more about the Multipure business opportunity, we have 2 live opportunity telephone conferences every Wednesday. These live Opportunity telephone conferences will be held at 9:30am and again at 3:00pm PDT.

All distributors are invited call in and to invite as many people as they can to call into these live telephone conference.  They are FREE and a wonderful way to excite someone about Multipure.

How to call in for this Wednesday’s Telephone Conference

Dial the toll free number provided below.  Then put in the access code.  You will be added to our call.

US Phone #: 1-877-366-0711

Canada: 1-866-627-1651

Access/Passcode: 42439385#

After the call, feel free to contact me (Katrina Oakley) direct at 260-336-5066 if you have any questions, or Click here to learn more & get started on your new career with Multipure Today!


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