Indiana Lakes


Indiana has a lot of lakes, over 101 just around where I live. I hear neighbors complaining about the weed kills that happen periodically in our wonderful lakes. Sometimes killing the weeds can do more harm than good.


I understand, there are invasive species that need to be controlled. But, reading what information I can find about killing the weeds on our lakes, leaves a lot of questions.

  • What do they use to kill the weeds?
  • Does the weed killer have an effect on the fish that live there?
  • What else does the weed killer kill?
  • Do these weed killers get into private well water supply?

The lakes in the area that are slated for weed kills are listed on the DNR Site here Residents should find out what they are using to kill the weeds. This will get into your wells.

Consider a home water filtration system to insure you and your family does not ingest anything harmful from these “necessary” weed kills.

Here is the list of Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) as listed on the official Indiana web-site.

Find more information on aquatic weed control here.

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