How Efficiently Do You Use Water In Your Home? – The Eco-Friendly IPhone App Will Help You Learn About Your Water Footprint

The vast majority of us try to be more eco-friendly on a daily basis. We now understand that we are slowly but surely destroying our natural world and therefore must take steps to ensure we save it. One of the first areas that most people and households look at is their use of energy. We now have many different homes built with items such as solar panels, energy saving light bulbs and anything else that can help to save energy. However, how often have you thought about water, water consumption and our use of water on a daily basis?


The “Waterprint” app is an educational tool more than anything else, but can give users a real insight into little changes that they can make. The app was created by Water Efficiency Magazine and provides various hints and tips about water usage and water consumption. You will find information on how much water is actually in the various foods and beverages you consume on a daily basis. You will also discover that water is used in the production of many items that you have never even considered before.

Some of the more interesting facts you will learn about water include details such as how much water is actually required to brush your teeth, or how much water you need to grow specific fruits, or even the amount of water that is required to manufacture certain items of clothing. So, as you can quite clearly see you will find information on how water is used in many different practices and numerous occasions.

The user interface is extremely easy to navigate around and you will discover information about your own “water footprint”. You have the ability to calculate exactly how much water you are using on your own daily tasks. If you are concerned about protecting the environment and are interested in finding out about the various alternative sources of energy this is a great app for you. You will find a vast array of links throughout the app, which will simply guide you to further information on a particular subject.


  • The app has broken down everything into four subjects – household, beverages, food and products.
  • You have the ability to search and scroll through items either alphabetically or in their particular categories.
  • You have access to many different links to various websites for further information.
  • The app provides you with a “calculator” so you can determine just how much water you are using on a daily basis.
  • You have the ability to compare the water footprint of many different items.


The “Waterprint” app can be found in the “Education” category of iTunes and is completely free to download. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and will require an operating system of iOS 3.1.3 or later. The most recent update has added a further 50 items, including products consumers may purchase, as well as more food and beverages. There were also a number of inconsistencies and bugs found on the original version, but these have all been fixed now.

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