Get Your wriggle fast! They could be gone!

Just in from Multipure – the wriggle is going to be featured on KVVU, Fox 5 Las Vegas, during their MORE talk show on Wednesday, April 11, 2012. Once this hits the air waves, these are going to just fly off of the shelves!  perfect product to be shown on MORE –

The wriggle is a product anyone who wants to drink more healthful water, virtually anywhere. The wriggle is an eco-friendly and can be used by anyone from any walk of life, anywhere people who enjoy drinking healthy water.the graduate, spouse, children, anyone who drinks water!


The Multipure wriggle
Portable Filtered Water Bottle lets you drink your water with
confidence, because the wriggle’s proprietary portable filter treats
many contaminants, turning any regular water into healthful water.

The wriggle Portable Filtered Water Bottle is the next generation reusable water bottle. It
provides all the benefits of Multipure’s industry leading water filter,
in a sleek, portable container. The wriggle provides clean, healthful
drinking water from any municipal water source, wherever you go.

The only water filter bottle NSF Certified to remove chlorine, Lindane and atrazine (pesticides).

The best personal water filter bottle available.


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