Get Atrazine and Lindane out of your water with Multipure's wriggle filtered water bottle

Did you know the Multipure new wriggle bottle removes pesticides? The Multipure wriggle filtered water bottle is the only filtered water bottle certified by NSF to remove not only chlorine, but Atrazine and  Lindane as well. Once again, Multipure is leading the way to better water anywhere, anytime you need it.

Now you may think these pesticides are no big deal, but do you really know what they are, where they come from and how they could get into your water?

The EPA has information on both of these toxic pesticides. You should read it. You really need to know what is in the water you drink.

Here is the US EPA listing for Atrazine,

My BFF Laura, aka The Water Filter Lady describes some of the effects Atrazine can have if ingested.

And here is the EPA information for Lindane,

Why is NSF certification important? We like do as we say we do. You need proof. Simple as that. NSF provides the consumer proof that our product will remove what we say it will, so you can rest assured you will be drinking the healthiest water you can get.



With the Multipure wriggle filtered water bottle, you can drink any water with confidence. Drink life giving, healthy water, anywhere, from any public source. Filter your water on the go, with the Multipure wriggle filtered water bottle


Everyone wants to drink healthy water. Multipure wriggle was even a featured gift at the Oscars! See the stars who just love Multipure!

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