Is There Fracking Waste in Your Water?

We all know that in order to frack fuel from the ground, loads of ugly chemicals have to be mixed with water to fracture the earth and extract the natural gas. Did you ever think about where the water goes when they are finished with it?

Watch this video and open your eyes. They are putting fracking waste into the water supply!  They are injecting the toxic waste into the water we drink. Once protected water aquifers are turning into toxic soup. This is devastating for well water users. Many of the frack waste disposal areas are contaminating neighboring communities.

Billions of gallons of toxic fracking waste has been dumped into the US drinking water supply. It is almost impossible to know how many water ways are contaminated because “big oil” is not required to publicize what they do with their waste. If this keeps up, there will not be anywhere  a person will be able to get safe drinking water.

An estimated 30% to 70% of the fluid used in fracking will resurface, requiring treatment. Fracking also releases “produced water” from underground that also rises to the surface, and can be anywhere from two to 200 times as much water, depending on the oil/gas/water concentrations in the shale formation.[2]

Listening to this I wonder how our government allows the careless disposal of fracking waste happen. Really, everyone needs water. It is not a right, its a requirement for sustaining life.

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