Fracking Reports, Safe Hydraulic Fracturing?

Is there a safe way to frack the natural gas out of the Earth? Some say yes, and some say hell no. If everyone would just tell the damn truth. Is there any way to harvest natural gas that is safe for every one and every thing? If there is not a way to do this, without damage, then it simply should not be done. Why the hell do people have to lie cheat and steal to to damage the Earth and its people? I mean really, if we are not around for you to contaminate, and over charge for your products and services, what good is it.

There is conflicting data every where, some say the act of fracturing the Earth’s core will do no damage; There is no water contamination as a result of fracturing; Harvesting natural gas will save the economy.

And on the other side, thanks to the World Wide Web, real people get to tell their horror stories, we hear that earthquakes in fracturing areas are becoming more prominent; People are getting sick and even dying, all for “Big Oil” to make a buck and save an economy that they helped destroy! Seriously, don’t they make enough damn money off of us! They have to kill us too??

What are we paying our elected officials to do? Protect our rights? Or make sure big money stays big? If they are not working for us, then why should we pay their wages? Let big money pay them, we need our cash to live!

What if hydraulic fracturing continues at its current rate? What if they don’t start doing it safely. Can they perform hydraulic fracturing safely? There are reports that say yes, hydraulic fracturing can be done without harming the earth or the people that live on it. Here is a report Golden Rules for the Golden Age of Gas.

Things that are omitted from other reports on safe hydraulic fracturing: The future would be total devastation. The Earth will no longer support any life form.

The Greed of others is taking us on a downward spiral of devastation, again, what good is all that big money has, if there is no life?

Safe fracking, Energy agency’s findings should be questioned.  In my opinion, No more fracturing should be happening until the long term results are carefully looked at.

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