Fracking Our Land-is it Really Worth the Cost?

So, today I decided to look on YouTube and see what kind of videos I could find about Hydraulic Fracturing and the real cost of harvesting natural gas. Personally, I feel it just isn’t worth it. Contaminating water, destroying land, killing the American Dream.

This first video is a long one, but so worth the time. Take a tour of the Marcellus Shale. If you are in doubt about what hydraulic fracturing is really doing, you will have your eyes open. More voices need to be heard. This needs to stop!

Chesapeake was kind enough to explain the hydraulic fracturing process. Really, fracturing the Earths core like that, just cannot be good!

And just how much water does it take to frack some natural gas? Well this trucker can tell ya!

If you think the fracking companies are being careful with the toxic waste? Think again! You are soooo busted!

My heart aches for this North Dakota woman and her family. Let me warn you, this video had me in tears.

Part 2, trying to get some answers. Who are you protecting?

Ok, last one for today, Should we be panicked? Hell yes! Panic! Yell, Scream at the top of your lungs! This is just terrible!

Somewhere along the way, big oil has purchased our rights to safe drinking water. For what? I mean really, what the hell?

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