Five Facts About Low Flow Shower Heads

Shower use creates a really large part of the household water consumption. Some estimates by the Environment Protection Agency say that around 20% of all indoor water consumption is created by shower use. The water consumption in showers is not always efficient and thus you could consider low flow shower head to reduce your water consumption.

This will help you both to save the environment as well as help reduce your water bill. Here are five facts about low flow shower heads.

What Is Considered Low Flow?

PSI, which means pounds per square inch, or GPM, which means gallons per minute, show and measure shower flow. A low flow shower head is one that has these flow rates below 2.5 GPM and 90 PSI.

How Do They Work?

Low flow is created by a special device, which is attached to the shower head and it is this device that helps restrict the flow of water. There are many different types of low flow shower heads available. Some of them have devices that can be adjusted for your own needs and preferences.

Types Of Low Flow Shower Heads

Generally there are two main models of low flow shower heads. There are an aerating low flow and non-aerating low flow. An aerating low flow creates a misty flow instead of the normal stream.

This type of steam is achieved by combining the water with air. Non-aerating ones differ in that they don’t mix the air with water and thus the water is more of a stream rather than the misty steam.

Quality Of Low Flow Shower Heads

It is a common misconception to think that because of the low flow of water the quality would somehow be reduced. This is not the case. A low flow shower head will provide you with the same water coverage and intensity.

The water pressure and flow is not just influenced by the shower head and thus other factors can influence and hinder your water flow and pressure. For instance the elevation in relation can really make the water pressure low and thus reduce the quality of shower. These need to be discussed with a plumber if you feel they are a problem.

Benefits The Environment And Your Wallet

A low flow shower head is a great option to take if you want to decrease your water consumption and thus help save the environment. Almost 50% of your water consumption can be lowered by having a low flow shower head. You will also save a lot of money in your utility bill when your water consumption goes down that much.

Relatively Cheap Option

The great thing about a low flow shower head is that all of these benefits can be achieved by relatively small cost. The process of changing them also won’t require you to do any extensive changes in your household. You can purchase these products and change them yourself.

Low flow shower heads are thus a great way of changing your water consumption for the better.

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