Everything You Need To Know About Water Conservation

Water conservation is becoming an increasingly important aspect of modern life that all homeowners should be taking seriously. As the world’s population continues to expand, clean and safe water used for drinking and sanitation purposes is less available for those living in developing countries.

It is important that those of us that do have access to this precious commodity ensure that we are not taking it for granted and only use what we need. The majority of households waste thousands of liters of water each year without even realizing it, and a reduction in consumption will be beneficial to both the environment and your financial situation.

Reducing your water usage will mean a reduction in energy usage and as a result your household bills. There are a large number of ideas and actions that can be put into practice that will keep your usage down, and a multitude of products that have been designed to greatly reduce consumption rates.

Water Conservation

The first thing I’d advise that you do is make sure that everyone in your household is showering instead of having a bath. Having a bath uses up much more water than a shower. If you have a power shower then I would recommend you to consider having it replaced, as these in fact use even more water than a bath.

Running and leaking taps can really increase your energy bill so ensure taps are turned off when not in use and that any leaking taps, showers or cisterns are fixed as soon as possible. Avoid flushing the toilet apart from when it’s necessary, and dispose of makeup wipes and similar refuse in a bathroom bin rather than flushing them away.

There are plenty of ways to save water in the bathroom, and it’s important to engage in as many as possible.

Water Saving Products

There are quite a few water saving devices available to buy on the market today, and implementing these devices at home is the best way to keep energy costs to a minimum. The great thing about water saving devices is they are generally inexpensive and easy to install.

These devices typically require little to no maintenance, and are very long lasting. The most popular water saving device sold today is definitely the low flow shower head, which can reduce your water consumption by up to 50%. These devices work through aeration, which is the process of adding air bubbles to a liquid to increase the mass while reducing the volume.

However, if you currently have an electric shower then I would advise you to avoid using a low flow shower head with your current set up. Electric showers can only utilize a flow rate average of 6 liters per minute, while low flow shower heads generally have a flow rate of 7 to 8.5 liters per minute.

This means that you are not actually saving any water, and thus the device is useless. If you are thinking about buying low flow shower heads then I recommend that you buy the shower heads from specialist companies like Agua Flux, as this will guarantee that the devices are of the highest quality.

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