EPA Says Fracking Contaminates Ground Water. What???

So, for quite a few years, many people have been saying that hydraulic fracturing is contaminating the water supply. For as many years, the EPA has been denying that this is the case. Now, after studying the situation for 5 years, the EPA has put out a report stating the fracking has indeed contaminated drinking water. Well I’ll be damned! I wonder how much money was spent to do this study? Are the results anything that we didn’t expect? I think not!

What a shame that the entity given the job to protect the environment has been the very one that let all this happen? Way to go EPA! Thanks for protecting our precious water supply and listening to the little people who can clearly see how bad fracking is for the environment. Just what did they find? Widespread and systemic contamination from fracking.

They had many chances to look into the damage fracking is doing to the environment and to the health of those who live near fracking operations. Since 2009, they have given their half assed efforts and for whatever reasons, pulled back when they got close to proving this process is unsafe for the environment. EPA, Environmental Protection Agency. Seriously? I do not think they are doing their job if they let big oil and rich politicians direct their investigations.

So, what’s next EPA? Monsanto?

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