College Dorm Water Filter

Sending them off to college is an exciting time. You will no doubt have a list of items they will need to furnish their dorm room. The last thing on  your mind is what about water? Since water is essential to life, it should be on the top of every back to school list!

Filtered Water Bottle

A filtered water bottle is great for kids from elementary school to college. Multipure’s Wriggle is perfect to take fresh, filtered, safe water anywhere. Stop sending them with bottled water. Bottled water may be contaminated, the bottles end up in land fills and they are just expensive. A filtered water bottle is more economical and insured that the water is filtered of contaminants.


Water Filter Pitcher

A water pitcher can sit in the fridge for cold, filtered water. If the dorm does not have a kitchen sink, it will have a small fridge. The Cerra Water Pitcher will filter and enhance water for drinking. Remove contaminants and add vital ionizing elements, perfect for the student who plays sports.

Portable Water Filter

A portable water filtration system is perfect for a dorm room. The Multipure Aquamini is designed to fit in small spaces. Dorm rooms that have kitchens should include a water filter. Going off to college in anther state or even another country brings up many safety issues. Make sure the water your student is drinking is filtered and healthy.

Shower Filter

Most municipal water supplies contain chlorine. While you may have a filter for drinking water, filtering shower water is just one more thing you can do to keep them safe while they are away from home.

Bath Ball Filter

Relaxing in a nice hot bath after a strenuous work out is even better with a bath filter. Just drop a bath ball into a tub of water and you won’t be soaking in chlorine.

Water is life essential. Sending the kids off to school with the proper water filtration will take that fear out of the equation. A water filter will give you peace of mind that not only are they drinking water, it will be safe water. There may be contaminants in the water at the dorm that are not in home water. Bottled water is ok in a pinch, but a filtered water bottle makes more sense and costs less. Make sure they are safe no matter where they are. Send them back to school with a water filter.



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