Clean, Safe Drinking Water, A Fairy Tale?

I found a great post about the fantasy of drinking water. If you have been hiding under a rock, you may not believe that safe drinking water is becoming scarce. This post is great. The author, Stephen T. Smith says it all.  Here is part of it, make sure to pop over and read the entire post. Very enlightening.

It is fantasy thinking to pretend that Jordan Lake will somehow clean itself up if the General Assembly repeals upstream pollution controls as proposed in Senate Bill 515, which the N.C. Senate passed last week.

Jordan Lake provides drinking water to the growing cities of Cary, Apex and Morrisville, as well as to Western Wake and Chatham counties. In addition to serving as a crucial water supply, Jordan Lake is a major North Carolina asset for fish and wildlife conservation and for a wide range of recreation activities easily accessible to several million North Carolina citizens, taxpayers and voters.

Since its impoundment in 1983, Jordan Lake has consistently shown substantial nutrient over-enrichment, which has led to algal blooms and other water-quality problems, problems well familiar to those boating, swimming and fishing on the lake as well as to downstream communities whose water treatment plants are often unable to remove resulting discoloration, taste and odor…

The article ends with:

There are no silver bullets here, no magic wands and no clean-water good fairy. Thinking otherwise is a sad and dangerous fantasy that will leave a large segment of North Carolina’s population with dirty water and a beautiful, useful lake spoiled.
I believe it is a fantasy that our supply of safe drinking water is going to improve. Too many corporations, officials, and just people, are not concerned enough about our drinking water problems. They are only going to get worse, if we do not start working together to clean up the contamination.


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