How To Choose A Water Cooler For Your Small Business

You will face a lot of challenges going from being an employee to a small business owner, and one of the unexpected ones you will stumble across is investing in a water cooler for your staff. It is your responsibility as an employer to provide a safe and constant supply of drinking water to your workers, and offering a water dispenser is a great way to provide a chilled and tasty alternative to the tap. Keeping your employees hydrated boosts morale as well as levels of concentration, but choosing a machine is not always as easy as it sounds!

Office Layout

The first thing you have to consider when choosing a water cooler is how it will fit into your office. There are a variety of models to choose from, and the layout of your workspace can dictate which one to pick. For example, bottled water coolers are a great idea for smaller companies, because they only need a square foot of space and there is no plumbing required for their installation. However, you will need room to store the plastic bottles.

For larger businesses with more employees, mains fed water coolers can be a more convenient and cost effective alternative to the bottled water cooler. Mains fed water coolers draw their water straight from the main supply, which means there is no need for the ordering, delivery, storage and disposal of plastic bottles. This type of machine will also never run out of water.

If you do choose a mains fed water cooler, you can then decide whether you want a freestanding, countertop or under the counter model. Countertop models are ideal for businesses that are short on space, because they fit snugly on the surface without taking up unnecessary room.

Hot, or cold, or both?

Another decision to make when choosing a water cooler for your business is whether to choose a dispenser that also provides hot water. There are many benefits to this type of machine, primarily time saving.

Hot water dispensers replace the traditional kettle, so your employees no longer need to waste time boiling the kettle when they are doing to tea round. And because the kettle is not being boiled needlessly again and again, your electricity bills will be lower and your environmental impact less severe. Plus, you no longer need to tell them to get back to their desks when they hang around the kettle hung-over on a Monday morning!

As well as hot water options, some water coolers also dispense sparkling water. By combining all three together you can guarantee that all your employees will find a drink to suit their taste. Not only that, but your clients will also benefit from the wide range of beverages offered when they come and visit you.

Renting or buying?

Finally, you need to make a decision as to whether to rent or buy your water cooler outright. There are benefits to both options, but most businesses prefer to rent their machine. Firstly, renting your machine means that it is delivered and installed by a professional. Secondly, you will receive service and hygiene visits on a regular basis by the water cooler company. And thirdly, all repairs and labour will be included in the rental fee, so you are not hit by any nasty hidden costs if the machine breaks down.

So now you know how to find your perfect water cooler what are you waiting for- get researching!

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