Cerra Ionized Water is a Powerful Antioxidant

What if your water could be filled with antioxidants? Just imagine, anti aging water. Cerra Water is just that. Using the Cerra Water pitcher will turn your water into an antioxidant, age fighting, refreshing drink of life. Like your own fountain of youth, right in your fridge.

Cerra Ionized water not only is full of antioxidant power, it also adds instant oxygen with the hydroxyl ions which kill all the free radicals in the water, and you once you drink it. The extra oxygen in the Cerra water gives an added all over energy boost. Oxygen is known to kill cancer cells, viruses, and bacteria. Aside from water, oxygen too is life essential. Replace your first cup of morning coffee with a glass of Cerra water to really jump-start your day.

Better Hydration

The size and shape of the Cerra water molecule is much smaller and more hexagon shaped. This allows the water to pass through and be absorbed by the body faster and better. Chronic dehydration is the leading cause of chronic illness and disease. With Cerra’s shape, the body naturally hydrates better. With all the other popular, sugar filled drinks available, most of us just don’t drink enough water to be healthy.

Cerra Water for Detoxifying.

Naturally detoxify your body of the free radicals you absorb every day. The size and shape of Cerra water pass through the body to release the toxins very effectively. Essential minerals are added to the water when using the Cerra water system. The added minerals are just what the body needs to be healthy and detoxified.

Cerra Ionized Water Makes Food Taste Better

Want to really wow them with dinner? Use Cerra water to bring out the flavor and reduce the acid level in foods. Even coffee tea and juice taste better when prepared with Cerra Water.

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