Cerra Fall Giveaway!

The Cerragizers can be used  anywhere ,anytime  to create  healthy Cerra Water.  These tea bag like sachets contain Cerra-ceramics which  can be added to any portable clean water


  • 1 Cerragizer lasts about 30 days with daily use
  • Carry it anywhere with you. It’s small enough to fit into your pocket, purse or bag
  • Soak the  Cerragizers in  clean water for 15 minutes  to create  optimal  anti-oxidant ,micro-clustering, alkaline  water.
  • Cerragized water contains  ionic minerals of magnesium, calcium and potassium  that are assimilated easily into your cells.
  • Provides anti-oxidant and foundational nutrients to hydrate, repair and energize your cells
  • When added to your drinking will increase pH to 8.5- 9.5
  • ORP- will decrease from -50 to -400 depending upon the water source
  • Do not add to hot water
  • Do not add to juices or liquids other than water

For Fresh anti-oxidant, micro-clustered, alkaline  water   anywhere

  • Add a Cerragizer to your water bottle for  fresh energized water all day. Keep refilling your water bottle  but keep the Cerragizer in the bottle. 1 Cerragizer Will last for a month.
  • Cerragizers are portable, take to a restaurant, airport, work, anywhere you drink water, just add the sachet to your water and take it with you when you leave.
  • Add a  Cerragizer  to your water pitcher  
  • Add 3  Cerragizers make your water cooler water
  • Great for holiday travel – you  will  never be without your Cerra water again .


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