Protect Drinking Water for 15 Million People
Tell President Obama Not to Allow Fracking in the Delaware River Basin!

Dear Katrina,

Drinking Water for Millions
at Stake

Water activist and actor Mark Ruffalo joins Food & Water Watch in NYC to protect public water.

President Obama:
Protect Our Water from Fracking!

Last week the dangers of fracking were all over the news. This week we are making the news by holding a press conference with water activist and actor Mark Ruffalo in New York City, calling on President Obama to stop fracking in the Delaware River basin — where more than 15 million people get their drinking water supplies.Stand with us and ask President Obama to protect drinking water for millions of Americans.

Last week, on the anniversary of the BP Deepwater Horizon blowout, a fracking well in Bradford County, Pennsylvania had its own blowout, leaking toxic fracking fluid onto nearby farmland and into a local stream. Seven families had to evacuate their homes and the spill caused Chesapeake Energy, the second largest natural gas producer in the country — and the operator of this well — to suspend fracking in the state of Pennsylvania until they can figure out what caused the blowout.

Tell President Obama to take a stand for public health and protect the drinking water supplies of 15 million people in the Delaware River Basin.

In addition to the accident in Pennsylvania, last week an Arkansas newspaper highlighted the possible link between the process of fracking and earthquake activity in the state. It’s clear that we have more than enough evidence to stop allowing fracking across the country. Yet, right now the Delaware River Basin Commission is working to establish regulations to allow fracking in the basin. President Obama has the power to influence the federal vote on the commission. Tell him that, in light of all the dangers associated with fracking, he should be sure the federal government votes against these proposed regulations.

Make your voice heard for safe water:

Thanks for taking action,

Wenonah Hauter
Executive Director
Food & Water Watch

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