10 Easy Spring Plumbing Tips For Your Home

With spring on the way and everything finally thawing out, it’s time for spring cleaning. Now is when you get to make sure everything is functioning well and, if not, to look at replacements. As you head into another year, here are 10 helpful, easy spring plumbing tips for your home.

  1. Check your faucets for leaks, both indoor and outdoor. If any pipes froze and cracked during the winter, you’ll want to get those leaks taken care of to avoid larger water bills than you’re expecting to pay.
  2. Clean your shower head. Try using vinegar, which is one of the best easy cleaning solutions for shower heads. By removing any deposits that have built up, you’ll improve the water flow and waste less water in the shower.
  3. Test your sump pump. You don’t want to get caught in a spring flood with that not working. Pour water into the sump pit and then turn the pump on to make sure it drains the water correctly.
  4. Check your toilets for cracks, drips, and hidden leaks. Just like with the faucets, pipes may have frozen, or your toilet may just get worn out. Now is a good time to get everything cleaned up or repaired.
  5. Inspect your water heater, especially if it’s more than 10 years old. Check for signs that your heater is wearing out, such as rust colored water, moisture around the water heater’s base, or an abnormally long wait for the water to heat.
  6. Install flood alarms. If you live in an area that floods frequently, you’ll want to get these installed or inspected to make sure they still work. Working flood alarms can help you save your valuables from water damage by alerting you to when you need to rescue them.
  7. Lower your hot water temperature. It doesn’t need to be so hot in the summertime, and lowering the heat to 55 Celsius or 131 Fahrenheit can help save money and energy on heating your water.
  8. Make sure all your drains have strainers in them. If they don’t, now is the perfect time to get some. Strainers prevent clogs by catching hair, debris, or soap before they go down into the pipes.
  9. Inspect exposed pipes for leaks. Go down into your basement and take a look around. If you notice any cracked or leaking pipes, call a plumber and get those fixed right away before they become a bigger problem.
  10. Inspect gutters and downspouts and clean them out if necessary. Sometimes animals will take up residence in these during the winter and early spring, and you want to make sure they’re out of there before it starts raining.

This article is provided by Scardina Plumbing and Heating, a Millersville plumbing company that serves the greater Millersville area of Maryland.

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