The WaterBox Alternative to Poision Plastic Water Bottles

The water box

The new WaterBox promises to reduce plastic waste by utilizing renewable material to hold liquids like soda, milk, and water.

I wonder why it took so long to come up with this. Milk has been coming in this type of carton for years. It makes sense that this could be used for other drinks that come in plastic containers.

Although it still takes energy to produce these eco friendly cartons, the manufacturer boasts several green reasons to use the WaterBox as an alternative to plastic.

Transportation is efficient because cartons take up less space in shipping to the processor and to the grocery stores.
Domestically made and sourced. (Made in the USA!)
less energy
less plastic
less CO2 emissions

700yearssmThe entire carton is recyclable, leaving behind less plastic waste to clog up the eco system.

These cartons do not take decades to decompose, and are BPA free.

It remains to be seen if the big water bottlers will take on the new WaterBox as an way for them to be more responsible when selling us their sometimes crappy water. I still believe the safest water you can drink, is right at your kitchen sink, but if you must purchase bottled water, why not in a recyclable container?




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