Do You Drink Toilet Water?

Do Not Drink The Toilet Water SignThe more I learn about water and water contamination, I am convinced that everyone needs to filter their water. Especially those on a public water system. I totally believe in reducing water usage and recycling when ever possible.

Waste water has its uses, but using “cleaned” sewer water for our tap water? This puts the picture in my head of a water filter hooked up to the toilet. Gross! The biggest question we should be asking is how they manage to remove waste and sanitize waste water so that it is safe to drink? How is this water treated? What kind of chemicals and processes does waste water have to go through before it is considered “safe” to drink? What does the process leave behind and find its way into your home tap water?

It is hard to know just what is in your water when you are on a public, government regulated water supply. Sure you can get a report from your water company, but does it show everything? Since the regulations do allow certain amounts of some contaminants, are they even included in the report?

Personally, if I were to discover that my drinking water was coming from recycled sewer water, I would be sending a sample from my own tap to be tested for everything they have a test for. Then, I would stock up on water filtering supplies! Read more about what is happening in the world of water recycling around the world here.


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