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Indiana Water Filters~The Safest Water You Can Drink, Right at Your Kitchen Sink

Water is essential to all life. Bottled water destroys the environment. Home filtered water saves money and the environment.

Indiana Water Filter Partners

Cerra Water Pitcher
Berkey Water Filters
Pure Effect Water Filter
Multipure Independent Distributor, ID#424548

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  1. Make a Splash with Multipure’s 2016 Opportunity Tour

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    Multipure is making 2016 the year that people focus on their water, their health, and their future through Multipure’s superior products and exceptional business opportunity. Multipure is making 2016 the year that people truly Make a Splash with Multipure, so join us and introduce people everywhere to the benefits of cleaner water and entrepreneurship. Multipure’s […]

  2. Multipure’s Aqualuxe Brings the Future of Water Treatment

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    Innovation. Inspiration. Intelligence. Filter innovation elevates the Aqualuxe to unprecedented levels of contaminant reduction. Design inspiration blends form and function into Multipure’s first artwork appliance. Technological intelligence lets the Aqualuxe communicate and integrate with your home and lifestyle. The Aqualuxe is Multipure performance amplified. It treats contaminants of Aesthetic Concern (NSF/ANSI Standard 42). It treats […]

  3. iWaterdrops: April 2016

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    Professor POU/POE: Municipal Wastewater Treatment http://www.multipure.com/mpscience/?p=953 Contaminant of the Month: Drinking Water Aesthetics http://www.multipure.com/mpscience/?p=955 Water dealers: How do you promote the importance of quality water for health? http://www.multipure.com/mpscience/?p=957 End of cleanup draws nearer at Hazel Dell superfund site http://www.multipure.com/mpscience/?p=959 Groups file federal lawsuit over Flint’s lead-contaminated water http://www.multipure.com/mpscience/?p=963 Filters are effective at removing lead from […]

  4. Rise: Distributor Rank Advancement for February and March 2016

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    Multipure congratulates the following Distributors for their achievement in building their business and advancing their rank. We applaud your efforts and wish you continued growth and success. In recognition of their advancement and as a sign of our esteem, each of these Distributors will receive a Rank Advancement Bonus commensurate with their new level of […]

  5. Spring Shower Promotion

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    From April 1, 2016, through June 30, 2016, customers who purchase any Multipure Drinking Water System or basic Drinking Water System Starter Kit at regular price will receive a FREE Aquashower Shower Dechlorinator –a $39.95 value!* The Aquashower connects quickly and easily in-line with most existing showerheads to reduce harmful chlorine in your shower water […]

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