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Indiana Water Filters~The Safest Water You Can Drink, Right at Your Kitchen Sink

Water is essential to all life. There is no better way to insure you and your family are drinking healthy water unless you have a home water filter. Public water supplies are not safe. Well water is not safe. Use a high quality water filter in your home.

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Life Essential Water

The Safest Water You Can Drink, Right at Your Kitchen Sink
  1. EPA spending freeze could hurt Indiana
    There are many reasons to be worried about the new president and his actions. the crap that is going on makes me wonder just what country we live in!! What has happened to our basic human rights? Are we even the “Land of the Free” anymore? This is getting crazy! Indiana Water Filters highly recommends (continue reading...)
  2. The Mass Chemical Suicide of America is Under Way
    A review of government water analysis by an Environmental Working Group study reveals that 75% of drinking water in America is contaminated with cancer-causing hexavalent chromium – also known as chromium-6). What is Chromium-6? Chromium-6 or hexavalent chromium, is used in industrial operations such as chrome plating and the manufacturing of plastics and dyes.It has (continue reading...)
  3. Alvin Rice-Co-Founder of Multipure!
    To Our Valued Distributors: For years I have made it a habit when I travel to test the water in whatever city or country I am visiting for the presence of chlorine. I guess this is because the OTO chlorine test is a simple and easy way to determine the need for a drinking water (continue reading...)
  4. How Good Is Your Water Filter?
    With so much information about the contamination of drinking water supplies in the news lately, many people run right out and purchase a home water filter to reduce and remove contaminants of health concern. While we agree, the best way to battle the ever increasing threats to our drinking water is to use a water (continue reading...)
  5. Indiana Water Safety, We Should Worry About Our Schools?
    Why residents of Indiana should be worried about Indiana Water Safety. With the publicity of the Flint Water Crisis come questions about the rest of the country’s water safety. Many contaminants are found in drinking water no matter where it comes from. Public water supply or private wells are often contaminated with something that is (continue reading...)

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