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Indiana Water Filters~The Safest Water You Can Drink, Right at Your Kitchen Sink

Water is essential to all life. Bottled water destroys the environment. Home filtered water saves money and the environment.

Indiana Water Filter Partners

Cerra Water Pitcher
Berkey Water Filters
Pure Effect Water Filter
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  1. Monday Night Call • 1.19.15Ahlem Mayes

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    Multipure’s Motivational Mondays offer practical knowledge from inspiring and experienced Distributor Leaders. These calls provide dynamic lessons on the Multipure business opportunity, helping you build your team and grow your business.      

  2. iWaterdrops: December 2014

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    Check out the following articles for the latest news and updates on the water industry, water science, and the environment. Make drinking water a healthy choice not a health risk http://www.multipure.com/mpscience/?p=844 Contaminated Water Exposure at Camp Lejeune Linked to Adverse Birth Outcomes http://www.multipure.com/mpscience/?p=851

  3. Rise: Distributor Rank Advancement for December 2014

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    Multipure congratulates the following Distributors for their achievement in building their business and advancing their rank. We applaud your efforts and wish you continued growth and success. In recognition of their advancement and as a sign of our esteem, each of these Distributors will receive a Rank Advancement Bonus commensurate with their new level of achievement. […]

  4. Network Builder Bonus

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    From January 1, 2015 through March 31, 2015, when you register three new Distributors with a Drinking Water System Starter Kit in a month, we’ll reward you with $100! When you build your business beyond three new Distributors in a month, you’ll be rewarded with $30 for each additional new Distributor who registers with a […]

  5. Bundle Up and Save

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    For many, winter means shorter days, colder weather, and bundling up for warmth. For Multipure, winter and a new year instead mean optimism and excitement for our new Bundle Up and Save promotion! With our Bundle Up and Save promotion, when you purchase two of the products for any of our Drinking Water System Bundles, […]

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